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School Hours: 9.00am until 1.30pm
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Welcome to St. Anthony's Nursery School!

ChildrenSt. Anthony's Nursery opened in January 1981 and currently offers 52 full time places each year to the majority of children in their immediate pre-school year i.e. 3-4 year olds.

The children have the choice at midday to eat their own packed lunch or a cooked meal which comes from the nearby Primary School canteen.

The Nursery Staff are highly experienced and motivated - there are 2 teachers and 2 nursery assistants. The caretaker, dining attendant and secretary are behind the scenes ensuring that our Nursery is safe, clean and efficient. From time to time part-time staff are employed to provide extra adult support for children with a variety of differing needs.

There are 2 playrooms each with their own bathroom facilities and quiet room areas. Running along both playrooms we have a we have a newly acquired enclosed verandah for all year round physical play.

Outdoor accommodation consists of a large tarmac area, garden with flowerbeds, play house and fort.

We believe in a working partnership with parentsGarden and we strive to share this responsibility within a positive and safe environment whereby the children always come first.

Some of our Parent's Comments

"Staff are fantastic, could not highly recommend this school enough. My daughter has been helped every step with great kindness and guidance".

"The nursery is a credit to the staff who run it - my child & previous 3 children loved and enjoyed it, an excellent start to their education!"

"I couldn't be happier with the education / experiences _____ has encountered / experienced this year. I would highly recommend the nursery to anyone and believe it deserves the excellent reputation it has in the community".

"I would highly recommend this nursery. My son has improved in so many ways since starting nursery".

"Being at St Anthony's has changed my daughter for the best. She is so outgoing and happy. She is constantly talking about her day, the children in her class and her teachers. St Anthony's has been an excellent first step into education for my daughter".

"The teachers are brilliant with the children and parents alike. I am always very well informed about everything that is going on".
SunSunHoliday List
September 2018
to June 2019
28th - Holiday

26th - 11:30 finish
29th - 31st - Holidays

1st - 5th - Holidays
6th - Children back to Nursery

11th - 11:30am finish
21st - 11:30am finish
24th - 31st - Holidays

1st - 7th - Holidays
8th - Children back to Nursery

15th - 11:30am finish
18th to 25th - Holidays
26th - Children back to Nursery

18th to 19th - Holiday

18th - 11:30am finish
19th to 26th - Easter Holidays
29th - Children back to Nursery

6th - Holiday
23rd - 12pm finish
24th - Holiday
27th - Holiday
28th - Children back to Nursery

28th - Last day 11:30am finish
This list may be subject to change
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